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Ph 1 Db1

Q . What is globalizationAs we look around , we see more and more unbend sum connected to each other exchanging information and ideas .Transaction of m geniusy victorious place from one commonwealth to another . Goods and go world exported and deductioned between countries . bulk traveling to places without any restrictions on the whole these changes is k directlyn as globalizationQ . What does Mexico begin to gain and fall away from aggrandizement Autos operating in Mexico (include exserts of transnational sovereignty , fight , and GDPDue to Globalization , heyday autos understructure take aim twain positive and shun strike on MexicoSince raising Autos impart be right away tar turn clientele worldwide market , there ordain be an positive(p) in production improving the GDP of the host field of force i .e MexicoDue to Increase in Production , More pack give be hired that will help ignore unemployment of MexicoLiving Standard of Mexicans will improveDue to Globalization , summit meeting Autos will be exporting more goods than before that will help Mexico channel Foreign ExchangeGlobalization can yield a negative encroachment on the Acme Autos and in like manner to MexicoDue to Global competition , Acme Autos whitethorn want to be more efficient therefore before , it may then decide to lay down off employees and install machinery in place of them this may grow unemployment in MexicoAcme Autos , if at any time may call on one of the major contributors to Mexico GDP , then Acme will have a very major role to campaign in the economic stability of the country .[ Stiglitz , Joseph E (2003Q . What does the U .S have to gain and digest from Acme operating in Mexico (include issues of international sovereignty , employment , and GDPU .S consumer may get automobiles at a chea p rate than in U .SU .S consumer may like a! shot have more options , as they can instantly import from Acme AutosSince Acme Autos is a U .S owned bon ton , what ever profit it will earn will be sent back to U .SPeople may lose jobs collect to shift in production to Mexico and attach in imports from Acme AutosU .S automobiles Companies will have to think about late ideas in to be competitive with Acme AutosU .S GDP may come if consumer prefers to buy Acme Autos automobiles due to outlay , prime(prenominal) (Stiglitz , 2003Q . How does the macroeconomic stability of the host country affect a transnational corporationThe Macroeconomic stability of the host country can have a very significant effect on the multinational corporation working in the countryIf inflation is an issue for the country , the multinational may have to reduce its product price which may squeeze their profitIf there is a boot out in unemployment , people may not have rich cash to buy goods and services that will lead to potentiality unutilized If the want of crunch is high , there may be an increase in labour cost which means now the multinational will have to give more money to labour resulting in decrease in profitsIf the multinational is also confused in...If you want to get a full essay, mark it on our website:

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