Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shake Spear

shake spear LYNK TOUCH COMMERCIAL Guy walks into a café / bar with a carry on case A girl takes a look at him ( A profuse close up shot) A wide shot that shows that in that respect are three (3) girls in the café looking at him opus he is sitting down There is a MS (Medium Shot) of the girl that is in a red dress befuddle at the man The camera goes to the map with a CU (Close Up Shot) the direction that he is headed to While he moves his mavin the girl in the red dress that is starring at him is sweating moreover he is control the sweet with his fingers breadth that is pointed on the map. A fly is bugging this man so he swats it with his hands that cases one of the other girls to have her hair dyspneic like it was the wind that was doing i The guy unzips his bag hardly he is also unzipping a girl boots that is on the glow for while she is checking him out The guy then turns around to wea ken the radio station then the camera goe...If you want to pander a full essay, order it on our website:

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