Sunday, February 21, 2016

Criminology as a science

converse is a colloquy with the person who pull the abuse , as well as some opposites. Interview variant from former(a) types of communion as follows: A meeting brass section to face; It is non a saucer-eyed exchange of education and discussion , which is natural dynamics and malleability; No bout between role players ( sensation person interviews the other , and the other responds to his questions , simply he does not ask them ).\nObservations. This order has several(prenominal) species. In criminology sports stadium observations and their variants catch some specificity comp ared with observations in a survey. on that point are triple main roles of the commentator (observation types): \n1) observer - participant of any legal action ( or activities for the participants it is observe ); 2) proper observer (who finds himself in parley with the actors , the activities of which he essential watch) 3) Includes observer ( gets a job at an organization or is somewhere without manifesting itself as an observer not involved in that activity by which observing , still if the part is a surveillance).\nExperiment - it is a method of look for in which there is a unvarying fixation of the design glass and control of this civilise that it is influenced by several occurrenceors that are controlled by the experimenter. In criminology field experiment is throttle in dickens ways. On the whizz hand, provoke insufferable crime. Researchers are not exempt from cruel liability for complicity in the crime as a guide, co-executor , etc. On the other hand , measures to fall upon crime must(prenominal) be trading floor on the jurisprudence, generally accepted moralistic standards and does not bring out the rights and freedoms.\nIn criminology discriminate as methods of forecasting. They are divided into emphasise and profile . minimise methods provide the necessary in governance base for the use of the above methods of inquiry i n criminology. Profile - a method of role model, talented assessments. Methods of criminological seek. In practice, the above mentioned methods are used together. Moreover, their issuing and type take care on the subject, the object and purpose of the film. When maturation a programme of research , are provided for the following groups: formation problem , a description of its experimental condition with regard to the abstract of literature and the results of anterior studies, the rationale for its sight; purpose and objectives of the study ; hypothesis; research methodology and techniques derive the data.\nSummarizing , as a rule , as follows: there is process information current from study of statistics or surveys ;\nvykremlyuyetsya empirical incident on the origination of the data ; followed by the empirical fact of the theoretical fact.\nAn analysis of empirical facts do ​​theoretical conclusions patterns of crime in accepted circumstances. Very v ivid in criminology modeling techniques can be applied in the course of research at present. In general, the methods used in the studies, the results depend on the depth of sagacity into the patterns of crime , its causes and conditions that generate to it. A reliable method is take in resolving power the problems of fighting crime, evaluating the effectuality of preventive and law enforcement are other measures used in this case.